We Serve The Bournemouth Area with our totally free car buying service.

We charge no admins fees and offer fast payment. We are we linked to the Bournemouth area by train which allows us to come and view your car quickly. Once we’ve viewed your car and taken for a brief test drive, we are able to make an instant bank transfer direct to you. Fast payment, no admin fees, no hassle.

If you prefer to drop off to our New Milton location you can. We pay more if you do. If you drop off, we can take you to New Milton train station which is very close, less than a 5 minute drive away.

Serving the Bournemouth area, we have excellent customer reviews. We Buy Small Cars the easiest way possible. Do We Buy Any Car, not always. Be honest in your description, send as many images and information about damage and service history as possible, this reduces the chance of lowering our offer in-person.

We like and prefer small cars, but pride ourselves on offering a quick, fast, friendly and professional car buying experience in Bournemouth, so even if you have a bigger car, describe it accurately and honestly and we’ll get you a price.

Any questions, call Alex on 07736 757228 or hit the whatsapp icon in the corner of the page to start a chat NOW!