Here are some frequently asked questions about our valuations, appointments and how to sell your car to us at

Still got a question? whatsapp us by hitting the icon in the corner or mail us at or call us on 01425 548 106 or 07736 757228, we’re available 8am til 8pm, 7 days a week.

How do I obtain a valuation?

Simply visit the homepage and fill in the contact form at the top of the page. If you’d prefer to call or email you can reach us on or 01425 548106 or 07736 757228, we’re available 8am until 8pm, 7 days a week.

Will you collect my car?

Yes, absolutely, this is what makes us different from other car buying services. You tell us when and where is convenient and we’ll agree a mutually agreeable time and place to suit your busy life.

If you wish, you can deliver your small car to our  New Milton, Hampshire location, we may even offer you more for doing so. Let us know which option you’d prefer.

Will you buy any car?

Not every car, it depends on whether there is demand for your car at the time, we try to get back to all valuation requests within 24 hours, sometimes sooner. That way you’ll know either way.

Are you a reputable business?

We are owned and managed by Small Cars Direct Limited, a Trading Standards Approved Buy With Confidence business and have 110+ 5.0 Star Reviews on Google, Autotrader and Facebook. We are proud to offer a hassle-free professional car buying service.

My car has faults, will you still buy it?

As long as you declare all faults to us during the valuation process then yes, we will consider buying your car, fault dependent. Nothing’s perfect after all.

There is finance outstanding, will you still buy it?

Sure, you must provide us with your finance agreement number and finance company details, we’ll check the latest settlement figure with the finance company and pay them directly.

Do you charge an admin fee?

No we don’t, another great reason to sell your small car to us.

My car isn’t small, will you still buy it?

Ask us, everyone’s definition of a small car is different so submit your valuation request and we’ll get you an answer within 24 hours.

Will you haggle during the appointment?

We find haggling just as awkward as you do, providing the car is as you described to us during the valuation process then we’ll buy your car for the same price we agreed, no admin fee, no haggling.

When will I receive payment for my car?

As soon as we’ve arrived, taken a look around the car and driven it to ascertain there are no serious faults and it’s as you described to us online or over the phone. We appreciate you’ll need cleared funds before handing over the keys which is why we pay you instantly via bank transfer.

My car is a category write-off will you still buy it?

No, unfortunately we do not currently purchase any small car that’s a category write off, or has been stolen. We run HPi checks on all the cars we intend to purchase.

How do I get home if I drop my car to a branch?

If you are unable to get a lift home, we will happily drop you to the nearest train station, simply request this when enquiring.

How long will my appointment take?

Most appointments take less than 30 minutes.

I don’t have a V5 registration document, will you still buy my car?

No, we require you to have the current V5 registration document for the vehicle, as well as having a valid form of Photo ID – drivers license or passport. You can apply for a V5 here. In addition to this, the individual selling the car needs to produce a valid form of Photo ID that matches the person named on the V5 registration document.

How will you pay me?

via bank transfer. As soon as we’ve driven and assessed the car, we’ll transfer your money – make sure you have your account and sort code to hand. Money arrives in your account instantly, we won’t take your car until you’re happy that you’ve received cleared funds.

Can I just turn up to one of your branches?

Unfortunately not. However, if you’d prefer to drop your car to us, you can do so by requesting an appointment at our New Milton branch. We may be able to give you more for your car if you drop it to us, just to say thanks for saving us a trip.

I live hours away, will you still buy my car?

Certainly, we’d consider travelling across the country for the right car, and with the power of modern day technology you’ll be able to send us images and videos of your cars condition, helping us to provide you with a valuation prior to us making the long trip to appraise and buy your car.

What do I need to bring to our appointment?

Any service/repair/mot documentation for your vehicle, V5 ‘registration document’, photo ID – either your drivers license or passport, the locking wheel nut, as many keys as you have for your vehicle, this may affect the valuation, and anything else specific to the car and your bank account details, so we can transfer your money via faster payment.

My name isn’t on the V5 registration document, will you still buy my car?

No, in order to prevent fraud, your form of Photo ID – valid Drivers License/Passport must match the name of the current registered keeper, shown on the front page of the cars V5 Registration Document. If required, you can ask the DVLA to change the name and address details on your V5 here.

My car doesn’t have a valid MOT, will you still buy it?

No, we require all cars to have at least 3 months MOT in order for us to buy them.

Want to know how long your MOT has to run? Enter your registration after clicking this link.

Want to find a local MOT testing station? Check the list of stations here.

What happens to the remaining road tax on my car?

As soon as you sell your car to us we will notify the DVLA online and your vehicle tax will be cancelled by DVLA. If you pay by Direct Debit, the Direct Debit will be cancelled automatically.

Alternatively, if you paid for your tax via a one-off 6 or 12 month payment then you’ll automatically get a refund cheque for any full months left on your vehicle tax. The refund is calculated from the date DVLA is notified of the cars sale.

We notify the DVLA as soon online when we are buying your car. If you wish, we can give you email confirmation of sale, which confirms the above. The cheque is sent to the name and address on the vehicle log book.

My car is an ex-taxi, will you still buy it?

No, unfortunately we are not able to purchase any vehicles that are ex-taxi, police, driving instructor or private hire vehicles.